Hi there, how's life in cyberspace? Sorry I've been gone for three months. Life takes you in interesting directions, my life took me to a new job in a strange and distant land (New England). Needless to say I have been busy, but I intend to begin writing more in the future.



Duck in a Can

Fake duck, but it was greasy an dark and meaty like real duck. I don't think I will eat it again. I like the concept of fake meat, but if it is too realistic I get all creeped out and don't want to eat it. Honto.


Personally I prefer to worship frosting and graham crackers...Jesus is the pretzel.....cough....Bullshit....cough

Is this a picture of the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jeebus? You can hurry and bid on it here at eBay. I caught this story over here at Fables of the Reconstruction. I personally think this shit is just silly but hey your money, spend it however you want it. Maybe it will find a home beside the grilled cheese that looked like Elvis or Jesus or whoever the hell it looked like...

FoxBlocker, a sweet product

So you can order this to screw into the back of your Tv to prevent FoxNews from reaching your tender ears/eyes (or maybe not, I get fooled by approx. 100% of all internet hoax's....Still stinging from the whole "Man Pees Way Out of avalanche fiasco")

Hey just change the channel, or better yet watch the crap that they spew and call them on it when the fuck up. Although honestly if you called them every time they said something stupid, misleading, or just plain wrong you'd be on the phone constantly!

A third option would be to read Newshounds, they do the dirty work for you. They watch the shit and tell you what crazy shit was said. Then you can skip the middleman and jump straight to stunned outrage.


Umm it was a movie...LOTR

World of Crap (completely misleading name there was no crap to be found) has a link to this guy who evidently is trying to draw an analogy between the middle earth books and the current geo-political situation.

At first I thought that it sounded like the naive ramblings of someone that has yet shave. The more I read it though the more it reminded me of our glorious leader, could these insightful thoughts perhaps come from none other than little George?

You decide, I’m sleepy.


Condi Vs. Hillary?

Let me jump back into the fray here, I wont bore you with the reasons for my absence, just deal with it!

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading a lot of Blogs lately. I’ve been following the Gannongate slutacular show over at Americablog. They have done some really great posts on the subject. I’ve also been following the Rawstory, and DU (Democratic underground) for some interesting articles.

All the buzz these days seems to be about Condi Rice and how she’s going to run for president and save the world and bake cookies…

Personally I doubt it, although it would be interesting to see what would happen if she did run. I suspect that the Republicans, rather cynically , believe that by running her they can garner a lot of female/black votes. Hate to break it to them but, no that is pretty much bullshit. Women and minorities don’t seem overly taken with her (unless they were predisposed to being Republican) and I doubt that she would be the dream candidate of your average white male Republican.
See the truth is Condi isn’t Powell. Colin Powell comes across as smart, pragmatic and essentially moderate about the crazy wedge issues that some Republicans love so much. Oh yeah and he happens to be black, whatever.
Condi comes across as arrogant, short sighted and a yes women, someone without ideas but with plenty of ambition. Kinda like Hillary. Sorry, but yeah, I think Hillary is all about the power, she wants to rule the world. For Bill on the other hand it was all about the BJ’s.

I think that we will not see Condi get past the primaries, and I hope that we have someone a little deeper than Hillary coming from the Democrats. Hillary has too much in common with Kerry, they’ve both spent their lives in the pursuit of power for powers sake, that tends to leave a nasty ring in the tub…


Out to Lunch

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated….but damn am I busy. I feel really bad about semi-abandoning this blog and I hope to return really soon. My personal life has gotten complicated to the point where I need to step away for awhile. I will return soon.



Saturday Evening: Pooh movie urges tolerance (FUCK POOH)

Saw the new Pooh movie with my daughter this afternoon. Cute and cuddly and warm. Everything a Pooh movie should be. A strong undertone of accepting people that are different, and the dangers of xenophobia. One wonders why the religious conservatives tolerate such tripe. Obviously this is an attempt to destroy this country from within. Since when did tolerance and acceptance of strangers become American values. Fuck the Red man, Fuck the yellow man, fuck the French, Fuck anyone that doesn’t believe in the Christian god! Why not just kill all the motherfuckers that aren’t US?

Non-American = Non-Human

just a thought…


The evil mastermind behind Jeff Gannon...Elmo!

Alright so let me get this straight…

This Guy is like way gay and a republican shill and the guy that exposed Valarie Plume and he also killed Hoffa and Failed to buckle Elmo into his car seat and cut down the rainforest and ingaged in hot panda love?

WoW! I like take a day of and the world shoots to shit in like 13 minutes....Oh yeah and now he evidently no longer exists...hmmm


Real life intrudes...no updates today


Blogs of interest....

Just thought I would give a quick nod to the blogs that I've been visiting lately, all very interesting:

Rense.com - News from the lunatic fringe.
Discouragement -A Humorous take on the news and consumerism (think Onion), with some interesting links to real news and products.
The moderate Voice - A great political/news blog. Joe always finds the right tone to take with the big issues of the day.
Fizzle & Pop - Comics and errata with an artistic bent.
Today in Iraq - A left of center slant, but fair.
BabblingDweeb - Slice of life stuff, but with flair. Some great links.
The Bartender Journals - Good reading.
Anal(ytical)philosopher - Conservative philosophy professor. Well reasoned.
Rathwel, The Blogging Idiot - A cool mix of religion, history and current events. All spiced with humor.

Jeeze I don’t know…

(Listening to Rainy Days and Mondays on Launch)

…what To write about. It’s a Monday and My whole family is recovering from the flu and I’m recovering from two days off of work, trying to dig myself out of the inevitable pile of crap that always results from an unplanned absence.

Iraq, hate to say it but same as it ever was. More car bombings more dead Americans and Iraqis. No wonder most people can’t be bothered to pay attention. They are still counting votes over there, but it looks like Sistani’s party is going to be the big winner. That seems like it might be good for Iraq, but not so good for the U.S.. We may end up with a more independent Theocracy than we really want. Time will tell (clichéd but true).

New York court said that maybe gay marriage was not quite as bad as the conservatives said it was. We’ll have to see where this goes. It will be interesting to see the course that the administration charts through this political minefield. If they hard charge towards an amendment they will alienate the majority of Americans, and if they don’t they will weaken the base of the party. What to do?

I guess that’s it for now. I don’t feel especially funny or poignant tonight.

See you around…


When I said compassionate conservative I was joking...

I say good riddance. News reports are that the new budget will slash all sorts of useful and important government programs. Hurray!

A small sampling of programs that will feel the pinch Amtrak, heating assistance for the elderly, college loan assistance, the national park service and the EPA. All pork, who needs parks and environments and old people? GO BUSH!

CNN: WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's budget will propose slashing grants to local law enforcement agencies and cutting spending for environmental protection, American Indian schools and home-heating aid for the poor, The Associated Press learned Saturday.


"Obey me fleshling!"

The return of the Furby(GadgetMadness) ...

I own your soul..

Fucking hilarious...Xbox360....

So rumor has it that the next Xbox will be called Xbox 360. That's funny I thought when I read the rumor. Then I read on and all was made clear. It seems that some focus group somewhere picked. MS was worried that calling xbox 2 would make it sound old and tired when compared to say playstation 3. Long live the focus group. Maybe someday in a happy shiny future all decisions can be made by focus groups. Dare to dream.