Back to Nietzsche…

Four points to remember when thinking about Nietzche:

1. Consider his life situation. Raised in an exclusively female household. Brilliant at a young age, shuffled of to an exclusive boarding school to study languages when he was fourteen, a full professor at Basle when he was 24, to sick to teach by 35. Dead at 55. All of the works we think about with him are from the brief period between 35 and 44. He was insane and sickly for the last ten years of his life.

2. Nietzsche is NOT a nihilist. At least not in my book. He is the middle ground between Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard. On the one hand Schopenhauer was saying that there is no God, and life is meaningless. Therefore give up living in the material world for it is meaningless and just endless suffering. On the other hand we have Kierkegaard saying that life is meaningless without god. Nietzsche’s message is simply yes, God is dead, but that’s all right. We don’t need him anyway, he would have just gotten in the way.

3. "Will to power" in some ways the hardest part of nietzche to ‘get’. Basically the motivation behind everything that happens, the elemental desire to expand ones sphere of influence to its maximum.

4. Eternal recurrence. Every pointless boring thing that has ever happened repeated endlessly without change. Think Groundhog day without the happy ending.

Other news: Tungsten came. The wife likes it too. Always good when the wife likes the gadget. Next up fish. Happy Friday.