Blog addicted

Blogaddicted…I guess it is normal when one first starts blogging to do it compulsively, to overdue it, to write down a level of trivial boreingtothepointofkillingsomeone detail. So I apologize, I never knew I had so much that I wanted to talk about, and essentially I’m just talking to myself at this point, strangers are still weeks? Days? away if ever. AnyHooÓ I’ve had a good Saturday so far, too my daughter to B&N for a story and a craft. Always fun, and they still get you, even if you don’t by any books. To Venti teas and a cookie $6. Oh well, father daughter bonding…priceless. For everything else there’s mastercardÓ

1. Portable professor for B&N
2. Rose Elliot - vegetarian cook book

Later peeps…