It’s amazing that so many people don’t share my world view. I mean I think I’m right, who are you to argue with me? I feel I know what’s what and who’s who. It’s all so obvious to me how can you be so stupid?

What the hell am I talking about? Why aren’t there more vegetarian atheists in the world?

Why is Bush in the lead electoral-vote wise now, does it matter? Not really the difference between Kerry and Bush is like the difference between Saab and Audi. What exactly does that mean? Beats the shit out of me, but it sure makes you think, about what I don’t know.

Talk radio is SO HAPPY this week. Singing the praises of the Republicans, making bold predictions about Bush’s re-election. I can’t even listen to them. Not that I think ignoring bad news means it’s not still there, it’s just that sometime propaganda gets so thick that it I can’t stand it. O’Reilly crystallized it for me. At the conventions both sides will promise you anything and everything. The reality is that no political party can give you what you really need to get ahead in this world.

Republicans pretend to preach a gospel of self-reliance. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. This is patently bullshit, their true focus seems to lie closer to "we’re rich but not quite rich enough, could you please give us a little larger tax break?" Conversely the democrats would try and have you believe that they are a bunch of altruistic hippies with pockets full of flowers and love. Bullshit, trail lawyers and fear mongers to the last.

I am frankly sick of all the political bullshit in this country. No one is served by the shit that the politicians serve up, nothing is real, none of this has much of a real impact on the world, it’s all meaningless crap and it’s starting to make my head hurt. You listen to this shit for long enough and suddenly reality is all distorted, fun house mirror style, you can no longer be sure what is real, what thoughts are yours and which ones were implanted by the ever increasing media sphere.