Meditations on god…

Taoism - the Tao is the ‘way’ or path, it cannot be explained, only experienced. Taoism is religion without god. Order without a prime mover. A very interesting concept to me.

The problem in my in my opinion with deity based religions is twofold;

1. Acceptance of one god excludes the acceptance of all other gods. Mine is real, yours is fake. The implication that everyone else is wrong and you are right in a situation when no one can speak with 100% certainty is offensive to me.
2. They are make believe.

I think that gods tend to, paradoxically, be both a mirror that reflects the society that worships them, and an avatar that society feels individuals should strive towards. In my mind gods are a completely human invention, and thus a distraction in self understanding and personal growth. I have to side with Nietzsche on this, a belief in god is a self destructive act in that it takes credit away from personal accomplishment and gives it to your imaginary friend.

Summary: We don’t need god to be moral or fulfilled.