The middle ground…

I hope to begin a series of opinion pieces that I will call "The Middle Ground". A collection of my opinions on various issues. The title "The Middle Ground" refers to the fact that with these pieces I will attempt to chart a solution to problems that will make both the right and the left happy. I just reread the last sentence and realized the futility of that. Okay so scratch that, I’m generally a moderate person in my views and I will try and express my personal solutions to these sticky subjects. I think that most people are centrist in their general political outlook. So I will aim for solutions that most people can agree on.

I find that my opinions about certain complex topics (abortion, death penalty, tax laws, social safety net, medical malpractice reform, environmental regulations, the war on terror) always seem to be half-formed and evolving quicker than I can keep up with. One day I am vehemently opposed to the death penalty, the next day it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I find this frustrating, I don’t think I’m indecisive, although maybe I am. I want to cement my positions on certain subjects for myself so that I can work out what I think. I want to be able to refer back to it in the future to see if my position is evolving or if I’m just a wishy-washy bastard.

In other news, I’ve started to most less frequently but longer and more relevant pieces. Quality over quantity hopefully.

I’ve added a few more of my favorite links to the sidebar.

Later y’all…