Evidently the big three for my demo. 71% porn, then music at 53% and auctions at 51% to round out the top three. This according to the current issue of Wired magazine. No fucking wonder it’s so hard to score a bargain at Ubid, every other Cheapass dude on the net is already there!!!
Seriously the numbers make sense, and actually reflect the way that men’s minds work in the real world. What I’m saying is that the three things that men look for online accurately reflect the motivations that drive us in the real world. A sack of hormones driven to find cheap shit while listening to tunes.
I found a great deal…let me pause and explain what a great deal means to me. It is often hard to avoid the temptation to buy something that is cheap even if you hadn’t any intention of buying it. That is a consumer HELL trap. Listen closely it’s not a bargain if you didn’t need it anyway. It doesn’t matter what price you got on your combo chiapet/dildo if you weren’t already looking for one you were ripped. Clear.
Anyway. I was planning on buying an MP3 player, the last one I got was three years ago and was such a cheapass piece of shit that I haven’t bothered again until now. I decided join audible.com. I’ve been wanting to get some good audiobooks. So at the PalmOne store I found this deal for a refurbished PDA, one that will do everything I want and more. It will play my new audiobooks as well as function as a PDA. So cool. Problem solved. A bargain.
In another note still looking for a Laptop, I haven’t found a deal that appeals to me yet.

NOTE: the word of the day is evidently cheapass.