To be relevant…

Ever listen to talk radio? Who can honestly claim to have never heard Rush or Hannity or Ingram or Savage. I listen to them to. They amuse me with there shtick, and really that’s what it is, oh there may be some heartfelt beliefs at the core of the crap that they spew forth, but mostly it’s just preaching to the choir. I think too many liberals take them too seriously. That is an easy trap to fall into, the insane and inane shit that comes out of them seems to be crying out for a rebuttal from the left, but every time a lefty gets the gonads to call in they always screen out the sensible sort and let through the birkenstock /foil beanie crowd. Someone that ends up making the right-wing host look more mainstream then he really is. Depressing.
P.J. O’rourke, hardly a bleeding heart wrote an excellent article bemoaning the echo chamber of talk radio. There is a lack of dialogue that engages the middle ground, both sides (although liberal radio is so weak that it hardly seems relevant in this discussion. A more anemic weak sister I can’t imagine) are so busy rallying the troops that they ignore the middle.
On a personal front, got a new cell phone, Cingular plan, Sony phone. Very nice. The phone has this feature were you can record a voice message and make that your ring. We have had a lot of fun playing with that feature!
My Tungsten E should arrive tomorrow , got it for a steal! Well I have to shell out $240 over the next year to Audible but really it seems like it will be worth it. The depth of programs available in the history and nonfiction sections of Audible are enough to keep me busy for years. The whole chore of picking a PDA took me several hours.
1. I’m a cheap bastard.
2. I couldn’t decide between Palm and pocket PC.

In the end Cnet called it for me, They are generally my goto site for tech reviews. There side by side of the PDA OS’s closed the deal for palm OS.