Well now we know...

A longer post. I’m enjoying the end of my first 24 hours as a blogger. I doubt that I will continue to post at this rate. I don’t see how I could and continue to exist in the physical world. Things like going to work and interacting with my family, watching tv, breathing, crapping etc...
You hear these stories mostly Asia, were someone goes into an Internet café to surf or game or message and never comes back out. Death by computer. There are very old studies were they implant electrodes into the brains of rats and them give them two buttons one that gives them food and one that turns on the electrode in there brain giving them the human equivalent of an orgasm. The rats die of starvation. They are so engrossed in pressing the pleasure button that nothing else matters. Too much of anything is bad for you<\Cliche> .
I need to put some info into my about me and about this blog sections on the sidebar, currently they are empty. I also want to add a google search bar, my xml Skillz are non-existant but I guess I will learn. My goal is to post everyday, but we’ll have to see how this goes.

My wife saw that I had Blogspot opened and she just looked at me with her special look. That look that two people who have known each other over an extended time. Her look said you dumbass.
"You’re not going to start a blog are you?" Like any affirmative answer would indicate a level of hopeless dweebery why don’t you get a nose ring and a skim latte while your at it. Blogging is so five minutes ago.
"Maybe I mumbled." I couldn’t have been more embarrassed if she’d found me surfing gay porn (which I don’t but you get the picture).
She nodded, okay loser was the general vibe that I got from her. Oh well. She’s grounded, I’m the dreamer.