Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens are GODS!!!

(Actually Chris would probably object to being called a god, but I’ll do it anyway!)

I saw both of these fine gentlemen on the Tim Russert show on CNBC this weekend. Excellent show, I used to love G. Will (my favorite intellectual conservative) but he has been dethroned baby! On a serious note, both these guys are very good deep thinkers. They are both conservative (although Hitch used to be way liberal and Andrew is gay), and they are both sometime critics of the Administration. They helped me to solidify my own thinking on our current struggles in Iraq in specific, and the middle east in general.

The struggle should not be thought of as Christian west against Islamic middle east. It is instead better understood by thinking Liberal democracy against fascism. Viewed from that perspective I find my self inexorably drawn towards the conclusion that we are in a just struggle. The question then becomes by what means shall we best achieve victory? Here is where I part ways somewhat with these estimable gentlemen, I believe in the butter route to victory. Or perhaps we should call it a "playstation 2 in every pot" theory.

Western secular culture has successfully defanged Christianity, now we should let it do it’s magic in the middle east. Give all those gun toting kids a Hershey’s bigblock and PS2 with GTA: Vice city and let the religion crumble from within in 2 generations.

Seriously, young impressionable men with no good prospects for the future are the fuel of the violent Islamic movement. You think these aging mullahs have any real kick left in them? Nope, they can talk young men into killing themselves, but take the men away and it is just a bunch of hot air. When was the last time Falwell got anyone to blow himself up? Never.

So All the loons on the right that want to make this Christian Vs. Moslem. Go piss on a burning bush okay. I don’t want your fundamentalist Jesus crap any more than I want Allah to tell me how to run my life.

Keep your imaginary friends to yourselves and let the grown ups sort this one out.