Bang the Drum slowly...

The fourth deadliest month in Iraq since the war began. This is the about the direction that this country takes. I personally think that both Kerry and Bush are wrong.

Kerry's assertion that Iraq was a distraction from the war on terrorism is wrong. The middle east is the epicenter of Islam and the radical terroristic factions that fly its flag. Yes Osama was in Afghanistan, but we were going to have to go to the middle east at some point. The question was when.

Bush is wrong in thinking that we can fight our way to victory. We can't win this war with guns. Of course we can win some of the battles, but in the end this war hinges on defanging radical religious groups. The key to that is creating church/state separation in the middle east and pulling the impoverished out of poverty. A young man with doritos and a PS2 is far less likely to be blowing things up in the real world. Hopefully his fat ass will stay glued to the sofa like ours seem to be.

Cheers. Out.