Bill O'reilly calls it like it is...

O’reilly was spouting off today about all of Iraq’s violations of UN security council resolutions. A brave caller had the cojones to call in and suggest that other countries have also been in violation of numerous security council resolutions, but we don’t invade them. His specific example was Israel. O’reilly ripped him a new asshole, and then as much as admitted that he was right. His point was that the violation of UN regulations is something to be used selectively against those that offend us, but we will ignore it when it happens to be a friend (I’m paraphrasing, feel free to go to his website for a verbatim transcript.

I like O’reilly I find his honesty refreshing, and when he is this honest I sometimes find myself in agreement with his logic, even though I don’t like the outcome. He is substantially right, if everyone that was in violation of a security council resolutions was locked up, we’d all be in prison. The UN like any bureaucracy does some harebrained shit sometimes. It’s behavior is at times infuriating, That being said, it’s heart is in the right place, even if it sometimes seems to do exactly the opposite of what we would like. I support the concept of the UN completely.

The problem for most Americans is that they can’t conceive that the world could view them with anything other than love and admiration, after all every one wants to live here right? The problem is we are viewed with fear and loathing in many places around the world. Not because we are evil per se, just that well xenophobia goes both ways I guess.

Truth be known many people around the world have good reason to fear us. America is no altruistic enterprise. We mean to protect our interests and expand our influence, and watch out if you are in the way. Liberals may feel free to bemoan this, however the world is not a utopian paradise. The world is an us or them kinda place, and viewed from that perspective I would rather it be us than them.