Bush's UN speech...


WTF!?!?! Does the guy even know what he’s saying anymore. War is peace. Love is hate…Orwell would laugh himself silly! This is Wacky. We have a president that is out of step mentally with his own policy. How can he even say that. I will admit that hindsight is always clearer then during the actual times of crisis, but come on people! The UN would probably have been able to tell us that there were no WMD soon enough, and this whole nightmare could have been avoided.

Conservatives (read NECONS) like to compare not attacking Saddam to the appeasement policy prior to WW2. What bullocks! The desire to commit crimes is different then actually committing them. Sure Saddam is an evil SOB, but he was in a tiny box that he would likely never have escaped. Some times patience is the better part of valor.