Debate notes: Kerry wins by a nose.

1. Slow start. Jim Lehrer makes it clear he thinks the complicated rules are BS and not his idea.
2. Kerry starts poorly. Long winded.
3. Thank you, no thank you, no thank Miami, no think you Florida.
4. I think that Bush, love him or hate him, is a better out of the gate.
5. Oh…Lehrer asks a tricky one (will Kerry as president make attacks more likely)…and Bush comes off well.
6. 10 million of Afghanistan’s citizens registered to vote. Again. Again. Again. Again.
7. They did their first cut away shot at ~10 minutes. I thought they weren’t supposed to do that.
8. Out sourceing the war on terror. Good concept.
9. Poland. That’s Rich. He was the second ally that Bush could name. Thanks Poland for all your help in Baghdad.
10. Poland. Hooray for Poland. How many times can we thank Poland.
11. Bush’s theory is Peace through strength. (WAR is PEACE) All right that is a little harsh, but Orwell rocks!
12. Stutter stutter (both sides, but Bush was worse).
13. So Let me get this straight. The problems we have now are because we succeeded so well in the beginning.
14. Mixed signals is the replacement term for flip-flop.
15. Hard work. Free Iraq important to a safer world.
16. They are both being more forceful and in your face than I expected.
17. Halfway mark, Bush and Kerry have both had some good moments.
18. The split screen was supposed to be illegal wasn’t it? MSNBC doesn’t seem to think so.
19. Bush thinks that when other people get killed fighting in a war it is noble and worthy. I’m sorry but I find myself thinking that Bush weak in this debate.
20. Kerry has a four point plan. Lame.
21. Fallujah- Kerry says to nuke it! (kidding)
22. Sorry but the Iraqi PM is a PUPPET. (not that that is a bad thing for us but please don’t pretend otherwise)
23. The notion that Bush hoped diplomacy would have worked in Iraq. Sorry BushShit! We intended to go to war in Iraq. The only thing that we would have accepted diplomatically is something that he would not have been willing to give.
24. Outsourcing terror war again. Getting old.
25. Saddam was a weakening.
26. Ludicrous is in the house yawl.
27. The world is more dangerous.
28. Preemptive war is a good thing evidently.
29. Bush doesn’t like tests.
30. What’s a treaty?
31. Stuttering shrub. Doesn’t like the international criminal court. Oh yeah, that is an issue that will win this campaign.
32. Lectern thumbing evidently is a sign of serious mindedness.
33. Like we discovered the NK’s had Nukes. They told us.
34. Long pauses from the Bushmaster.
35. Mullah . Not Mula.
36. Kerry suggesting that
37. Bush doesn’t like bilateral talks with NK.
38. Bush talk pretty someday. (David Sadaris shameless steal on my part)
39. Darfur reasoning muddy on Kerry and Bush. The African union is the key to Darfur? What don’t they have any oil that we can "guard" for them?
40. Kerry is a flip-floper.
41. Bush is damn the torpedoes, who cares if it is our own ship.
42. Bush knows how the world works. Daddy will buy you whatever you need!
43. Lets be friends. Our daughters are cool.
44. Lets be ordinary folk talking across the back fence shit is lame.
45. 13 years. Nuclear proliferation Most serious issue. Do we buy this? Probably?
46. Bush says he agrees with Kerry. Kerry says he agrees with Bush. Great lets call it a tie.
47. We convinced Libya to disarm. How? We Fucking bankrupted them. They were tired of eating dirt. The could probably give a shit that we invaded Iraq.
48. Note: Be careful when writing Libya incorrectly. (your spell checker may suggest Labia.)
49. Awesome last question. Russia is getting ready to go backwards, Bush waffles.

So I would call it a tie. I guess that is lame not to pick a winner. If forced I would call it for Kerry. Not decisive but he won on technical. Bush stumbled too much, seemed exasperated too much and tended to repeat catch phrases.