Iraq is a mess, so what?

Will the situation in Iraq Hold out? Probably not, this proverbial shit is hitting the fan over there. The central problem is that some people refuse to understand that a many of Iraqis don’t like us. It is hard to impose your will on a people regardless of whether or not your way of life is a good one or not. Many people seem so mystified by the possibility that the Iraqi people are still trying to blow us up. We would do the same to anyone that tried to do the same to us. Several problems present themselves at this point. Primarily, what next?

I fear that even if Kerry is elected he wont have many options. The situation is such that walking away from it would likely be as disastrous as staying. What a mess…

Kerry or Bush either way, cleaning up Iraq is not going to be easy. We may get lucky, Kerry is unlikely to attack Iran, but as for Iraq, if he backs out I think he would doom himself to a one term presidency. The reason being that this is the sort of forigen policy crisis that you are damned if you do and if you don't. No action would satisfy the backbenching repuplicans. If he left then he abandoned the Iraqis and if he stays then Bush is vendicated because of it.

Sucks to be him. Assuming that he even has a chance at winning, which seems less likely by the day.