Is every change in position a Flip-Flop?

On topic : I guess I get a little tired of both sides with the flip-flop accusations. People’s opinions mature and change, sometimes with great rapidity. Both sides are too quick to point to any movement of position as a flip-flop. Also this seems to be somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison. The time frames involved with global warming are different than those of terrorism.

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I volunteer at my local Kerry HQ in a battlefield state and I can tell you we turn away volunteers; anybody who thinks Bush can win is listening to too much Clear Channel radio and watching too much Fox!

Posted by Janet Burke at September 26, 2004 05:47 AM

anecdotal evidence of lots of Kerry volunteers is great. I share your enthusiasm, but not your optimism. This thing is winding down. The polls are uniformly bad, Kerry has no coherent message, and Bush is in the position of being able to coast.

Like a football team in the fourth quarter. Bush has a small lead now. All he has to do is run out the clock and he wins. He doesn’t need to score a knockout in the debates, he just needs to not look completely ignorant.