It is a sad thing…

just surfing the next blog button and getting depressed. So many sad blogs out there. Lots of cool ones as well, but it’s the sad ones that have my attention. Remembered Sorrows One post dated today and it is about some terrible dilemma in someone’s life. is not all that uncommon. I hadn’t suspected I would I run across these pages with a tiny glimpse into other peoples lives. I don’t know what I thought I would find. There is a voyeuristic quality to reading blogs. A quality I would never have suspected. The intimacy is unsettling on some sites. I also wonder if these little one post blogs will ever see another post. Will the person who reached out in a time of emotional weakness ever come back to the canvas that they started and finish the picture?

On the other hand some people are just insane Some Crazy Guy WTF is a "market anarchist? I suppose I could look it up but I would rather just belittle it anonymously.

I like that people take the time to name their blogs with cool titles. Although like thinking up the title to a great novel or a great band there has to be something more than the title to hold the interest. Drops of Chalk Cool title but that does it mean?