Kerry is doing better but he needs to keep it up.

Polls show are starting to show it.

He has finally gone back on the attack. Political campaigns are all about momentum and public perception of momentum. Right now Kerry seems to be regaining it. Good for him! The current Bush attacks have run their course, the flip-flop charges no longer have much effect. It would be interesting to know what finally got Kerry on the offensive again. Some people would point to the old Clinton team members, but I’m not sure. At any rate he needs to maintain some momentum going into the debates. I suspect that the media expectation game will down-play Bushes abilities, and over-play Kerry’s debating skills. If this is the case look for the media consensus to be that Bush did "better than expected" and "Kerry didn’t score a knockout."

The thing about our media (love it or hate it) they want it to be interesting. Now that Kerry is gaining ground they will begin to run with it in the general press. Until they decide to even the field back out and the positive talk will focus back on Bush.

I think that the conservatives have it wrong. The media doesn’t have liberal bias its got an interesting news bias. And consciously or not the tendency is to try and make things seem more interesting than they might otherwise be by emphasizing the possibility for reversal. The media likes nothing better than a reversal.

Me I just want a divided government, I don’t care how it splits- as long as we get the republicans out of power in the white house or the congress.