Kierkegaard in brief (part one)

Kierkegaard, was a Danish philosopher born in 1813 in Copenhagen. Born of a wealthy family the last of seven children born, when his father was in his old age (56). His father, a wealthy retired merchant very religious and very crazy. Believed that he was cursed, most of his children were dead and he’d lost two wives. He was 56 when Soren was born. He liked to quiz young Soren Kierkegaard about logic and quizzed him as well about foreign cities that neither father or son had never visited.

Kierkegaard went to school and did well but typically rebelled in college, partied a lot. Decided that parting was a hollow life, and reformed himself, reconciling with his father mere months before his death. His fathers death left him as a rich eligible bachelor.

He quickly fell in love with a young lady named Regine. He tried to be for her what his dad was for him, a spiritual mentor that was very domineering, he didn’t have it in him. He fell in love and they were engaged to be married when he realized that he couldn’t go through with it. He needed to devote himself to a spiritual philosophical pursuits. Note: Kierkegaard only had sex once in his life, it was with a prostitute and it evidently didn’t go well. He would spend the rest of his life trying to come to grips with the loss of Regine. His one and only love.

He Fled to Berlin for a year to forget his failed engagement and ended up going to lots of philosophical lectures. Hegel was considered the dominant philosopher of the time and his influence was to have a profound effect in shaping Kierkegaard’s own philosophy, even though he came to different conclusions.

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