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Perhaps I’m an asshole. Perhaps I just need the love of a good god ( if only I could figure out which one was real!). At any rate this Link to Mary’s Blog sums up what is wrong with religious thought. It’s pure escapist fantasy. Written to be confusing, and evidently open to interpretation.

An excellent example Friday, January 30, 2004:

What the Bible says about the future of the earth and mankind might be summed up in one word - Paradise!
Jesus Christ spoke of it when he told a dying man: "You will be with me in Paradise." (Luke 23:43) The mention of Paradise no doubt brought to that man's mind the happy state of our first parents, Adam and Eve. When God created them, they were perfect and lived in a gardenlike park that the Creator had designed and planted. It was fittingly called the Garden Of Eden, which name denotes pleasure.

How delightful that garden was! It was a real paradise. Among its beautiful trees were those bearing delicious fruit. As Adam and Eve explored their domain, drank from its sweet waters, and gathered fruit from its trees, they had no reason to be anxious or fearful. Even animals posed no threat, for God had placed the man and his wife in loving dominion over all of them. In addition, the first human pair had vibrant health. As long as they remained obedient to God, an eternal, happy future lay before them. They were given the satisfying work of caring for their wonderful paradise home. Further, God gave Adam and Eve the mandate to "fill the earth and subdue it." They and their offspring were to extend the borders of paradise and our entire planet became a place of beauty and delight. - Genesis 1:28

Who can examine this with a credulous eye and tell me that it rings true. One might as well proclaim Santa Claus as a real figure. Any 7 year old knows Santa is a pleasant fiction, why can’t rational adults make the same logical leap in regards to their equally absurd deities. A side note, god worshippers are all so certain that their god is the real one, and so quick to condemn anyone else’s god as false. The ignorance is astounding. Why is Jesus real and Zeus not. We have equal evidence for the existence of both of them. Oh some may claim that Jesus was based on a real person, but I can see no great body of evidence in the historical record for such a claim, and evenif we could produce a body so to speak. What does it prove? There is no evidence of a divine being, none. GROW up and live in the REAL WORLD.

I guess it is pity, not anger, that I should feel towards such insane crap, but seriously. How can anyone take this shit seriously. Make your arguments. Does believing in god comfort you? Does it give your life meaning? Does it absolve you of responsibility for your shitty life, the stupid decisions, and unfortunate accidents that have befallen you? What about it strikes you as believable?

No such thing folks…