The moderate voice again.

I love this blog! Another great article. Joe Gandelman really manages to cut right down the middle and live up to the title of the blog. Really interesting to compare the now and then positions of people like Cheney. I think the arguments that he made then were very convincing, the question then becomes was the situation in Iraq in 2003 different enough to warrant the war?

I think in the end the answer will be that it was worth the effort. I think that a Middle East without Saddam is infinitely better than one with him. The long game will probably vindicate Bush’s war. The short game is another matter though.

This appears to be a sloppy war, and what’s worse it appears that the Whitehouse may be interfering with military decisions. If we are going to fight, let us leave it to the soldiers. Politicians and war are a bad mix, they ALWAYS fuck it up.