Paranoid Much?

I agree that certain polls do reflect a conservative bias, but it is also true that others have a slant to the left, looking at an aggregation tends to balance out the bias, and on balance the trends are not encouraging. Oh yeah and the whole "it’s a plot by the mainstream media to discourage voter turn-out," BS. Sorry, but the media aren’t secretly rooting for Bush. The media want it to appear as close as possible, to make it as interesting as possible so we will watch it as much as possible, so we will buy whatever toothpaste or drug that they advertise in the commercials. The belief that the media secretly want Bush to win borders on clinical paranoia.

Is it spin when it is true? I am not a Bush supporter, but I think that it is more than spin and more than just an attempt to establish a meme. Bush has many flaws, but none of them seem to be fatal, and Kerry seems unable to effectively exploit what weaknesses that Bush does have. Let’s face it, Kerry wasn’t any Democrats first choice to go to the dance with, that honor probably goes to Dean. Kerry was who we got stuck with from a front loaded primary process, and a media that was afraid of Dean.

I DO think that that Kerry needs to do well in the debates to stay in this race. Look Kerry is the challenger he needs to establish his bona fides as a future leader. All Bush has to do is to not look like a complete boob. Think of it in terms of simple economic terms, you don’t switch products if the challenger can’t make a compelling case for you to switch. I am pulling for Kerry but optimism based solely on faith is shaky ground to stand on.

This is not to say that I think that this is over or that people shouldn’t work hard to support their cause. Volunteer, canvas, give money, make phone calls. Just don’t sit here and say that we don’t like the polls so we choose to believe that they are bunk.