Rising Hegamon post on Baghdad Burning blog post

Okay so at some point the self referential nature of blogging does get a little silly however when certain people speak we should hear their voice loud and clear. Baghdad Burning is one of the most fascinating blogs to read. It isn't updated nearly as much as I would like, but when it is the thoughtful and informative nature sucks me in. I admire the courage it must take just to live in Iraq these days. I think that we are truly being sheltered from the real extent of the disaster that Iraq is becoming.
I am sure that if this was a war that a democratic president had started the republicans would be screaming that they could do a better job. Howling for democratic blood. Instead they say "Oh mustn't change leaders half way...stay the course!" What utter crap of course they would say that. How long after Bush wins re-election will he admit defeat?

The other refrain from the right is "Oh of course we expected it to get worse, this just proves that we are winning!" The rational evidently is that the opposition must be getting desperate. Excuse me but by definition anyone willing to chop off someone's head is already desperate. To suggest that now they are so scared that they are pulling out all the stops is silly. The terrorists always fight with a desperation that we just can't get our flabby western minds around. Laura Ingram and her ilk need to get a grip on reality and stop parroting the party line.

The terrorists are playing for keeps, they have nothing to lose but their lives and that seems to be a price that they are willing to pay. Now we have to figure out how we fight this. The wars of the last 200 years have mostly been fought on conventional western terms. Large armies destroying local populations and other armies. I agree with Arnaud de Borchgrave. Iraq is becoming the quagmire that we all swore it wouldn't. Rumsfeld et al. assured us that this time we had the will and the means to win. He was only half right, we still lack the will.

The west doesn't no how to fight anymore. We should all take time to read the War Nerd he at least is a realist. If we are going to fight wars against a foe that is willing to die for his cause then we need to likewise be willing to die. That isn't enough though, the willingness to die, self sacrifice is something that the western mind can accept. The part we have trouble with is the willingness to kill.

War is Hell. It's an old saying but it must not be forgotten, we can't comfort ourselves with the thought that this will be a war that we can fight with half measures. As sickining as it sounds, at some point we have to consider how many people we are willing to kill to win. I'm not a fan of Michael Savage, but he has a point sometimes. We are fighting in a clash of civilizations, and at some point we have to assess if winning is worth the cost in lives. If it is then lets get started, otherwise the Koran may be your "good book" sometime soon.

55 000 000 people died in ww2. How many will die fighting this war?