Seems a little extreme to me.

Hitchens you ignorant slut…(jeeze this makes me seem Schizo!!!)

So I like Chris Hitchens, I really do, he is smart, and he usually calls it honestly, but I think that this article goes over the line. The implication that democrats are secretly rooting for the destruction of this country grates on me.

Confession: I have never voted Democrat for president. I usually vote independent. I am liberal on social issues, and probably libertarian on economic issues. I follow politics because it effects my life, but primarily because it is my football. My name is Terence and I admit that I enjoy CSPAN.

Maybe the reason that some Dem’s are afraid of an October surprise is that they remember 1980. That was a time when the U.S. had hostages in Iran and some signs point to a Bush the Elder secret meeting with the Iranians to hold on to those hostages for a change of regime here at home. To suggest that Dem’s subliminally desire disaster is distasteful in the extreme.

What The democratic party afraid of is a dirty trick from the party that has in some ways become associated with dirty tricks. Willie Horton ring a bell? How about campaign literature that says if elected Kerry will destroy all the bibles? Watergate anyone? Republican operatives have brought this distrust on themselves. They have become so good at the sneak attack, the low blow that we actually have come to expect that sort of behavior from them. That is truly sad. Don’t blame us for being distrustful, blame the republicans for being shady bastards that have proven repeatedly that they have no problem stooping as low as they must to win.