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I think that the level of cognitive dissonance and denial in the U.S. is such that whether or not we commit war crimes in Iraq the media will never report it, and the people will never believe it. The American perspective is such that WE cannot possibly be responsible for the suffering of innocent people. The comparison of the American populace to the Nazi-Germany populous is also apt in some ways. On some level we all accept responsibility for the actions of our government, and we can’t reconcile the reality of the situation with what we want/wish the reality to be.

This is not a problem isolated to WW2 Germany, but rather a symptom typical to any populace whose govt. acts contrary to what they think the want. Again I say "war is hell" no matter how hard Hollywood tries to glamorize it killing people ain't fun, and it isn't a sterile sort of "I will shot this missle and only kill the badguy kind of thing."

Some weekly review goodies:

1. We are so much safer now that Cat Stevens is prevented from entering the country. Yes, he had some odious ideas, but I hardly think he represented a serious threat in his person.
2. Maybe partial elections are acceptable in Iraq, like maybe only have elections were we can be certain of the outcome? Wow, I wonder how we would react to that suggestion here in the U.S.?
3. Bush and the current Iraqi regime still maintain that things are going swimmingly in the face of serious and mounting evidence to the contrary.
4. Kerry Still has some fight left in him, although maybe not enough to get the job done.
5. Off topic what ever happened to Edwards? I know that he is running for the position of invisible boy but really!

In other news, Hotels.com sucks and would love to charge you 50% over and above their cost.