A Thought Experiment.

Note: My daughter is not sick, just a hypothetical question.

Your daughter has been diagnosed with a horrible disease. Her prognosis isn’t good, but you do everything medically possible to cure her.

You have some very religious friends that encourage you to pray to God for guidance and help.

If in the end she dies; it’s God's will, he has a need for her by his side, she’s been called home to the service of the lord. Etc.

If she lives it’s truly a miracle, proof of the power of prayer and the divine will of the almighty.

Is it just me or is this the logical equivalent of saying heads I win, tails you lose? I mean the religious person takes this as a sign of divine will no matter what the outcome. That strikes me as very illogical. Like having your cake and eating it too.

A religious person would say that we can’t understand what is behind God’s actions. That God works in mysterious ways that are beyond mortal comprehension. Okay fine, then what is the point of praying? If God will do as he has decided no matter what our personal preference, why waste our breath? This of course raises the question of free will; whether or not the future is known by a God, which I don’t want to get into now.

Conversely if God’s actions can be effected by prayer then to what extent? Is God more likely to save someone that has two people praying for him than just one? Is there some number of people praying that becomes statistically likely to cause divine intervention? Does it have any effect on the process the moral status of the person(s) doing the praying? Does the prayer of the pope carry more weight than the prayers of an average individual? What about the prayers of a regular church going individual versus someone that only goes to church on a holiday?

Thoughts? Arguments? Agreement?

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