Thoughts on morality…

Morality is an intellectual construct. There is a concept in philosophy called moral relativism. Society defines morality, there is no absolute morality. I think that this is the case. I don’t think morality exists externally to man’s ability to conceive of it, and in that sense it has to be relative.

The concept of moral absolutism comes from the false belief that we are created by some higher being, and that he created a morality for us. The illogic of this notion is stupefying on multiple levels. EVEN if you did accept the existence of a creator it is a logical fallacy to automatically assume that because we were created god bothered to create a morality. Perhaps he didn’t. Perhaps it was part of the experiment to see what sort of value system would naturally develop. In any event one cannot argue that being created implies an absolute value system.

Morality is a creation of humanity, just as god is also a creation of humanity. I have posited before that societies want their gods to mirror their hopes and ideals. This is also true of morality regimes. Societies sub-consciously create morality regimes that they believe reflect an idealized version of what they see in the world around them. People in general view the world as an imperfect reflection of some higher, plane.

Religious people object to the concept of moral relativism. Primarily because the acceptance of it nullifies most modern deity based religions. The whole concept of a deity based religion is that we are being judged by some higher being based on our ability to adhere to an absolute value standard. If you take away that moral yardstick you ipso facto remove the need for a god. This is understandably disturbing to most religious people. At this point they often say something like "Just because society allows something doesn’t make it okay." Actually it does, sorry. Any attempt to view our morality from an unbiased angle quickly reveals that most modern morality regimes are filled with contradictions and paradoxes that they cannot be considered to represent any absolute standard.

Apologists at this point might be tempted to point to the fact say that all societies condemn murder, thus murder must be part of an absolutist moral code. The problem here is that all moral codes are created by men, and it is only logical to assume some commonalties. Just because many moral frameworks have similar aspects and seem to be derived from some sort of common framework does not imply the existence of an external source for this framework. It would be a logical fallacy to imply a causal relationship based on this evidence alone.

God is Dead, peace out y’all…