Too much Lambrusco...Thanks Riunite

Great idea…lets argue over whether unemployment is 5 Whatever in wherever (see comments). Not important, sorry to burst any bubbles on either side. The general state of unemployment right now holds no major victories for either side. The quality of current US jobs is a factor.

Why are wages stagnant while the cost of is healthcare is sky rocketing? It has the effect of being a pay cut, if you get a 3% raise, and then have to pay the equivalent of 4% more in healthcare costs. Yes their are jobs, but they are crappy headabovewaterjustbarelymakingendsmeetjobs. Focus on the big issues, the current administration is full of crap. They are such rosey nubs of ass-water. BushRove should stop worrying about being re-elected and start worrying about how to save this country from the end of the American dream. The dream is dying, it can’t get enough air to breathe, sinking into defeat and…Woo okay too much wine.