War with Iran imminent ?

Yes, I think we can safely say yes. My personal prediction is within 6 months. I base this on the following:

1. Iran just tested a strategic missile which will be viewed as a provocation by Israel.
2. Iran will not stop developing nuclear weapons. This will not be allowed. An Islamic country cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.
3. The U.S. election will be over soon, and Bush can get on with his vision of a new world order.
4. Israel just bought 3000 smart bombs. Hmmm wonder what they want bunker busters for?
5. The domino theory, democratize Iraq and the rest will follow is obviously flawed. The rest of the region will be brought into line. Iran represents the greatest regional threat to stability.

So in short I believe the rumors of an impending draft. We will need many troops to maintain order, and more importantly to protect the oil. Talk radio and the right-wingers are already beating the drums of war. The question is not whether or not Iran will be invaded, but rather what will the aftermath be?

I guess we can hope that Iran turns out smoother than Iraq has so far. After all they’ll be one less country to supply support to Iraqi insurgents right?