Hip-waders mandatory from this point forward...

In line with the previous post, is this article.

I wont pretend that this sort of behavior is shocking or even out of line. Par for the course really. I am not one of those people that whine about how it is getting nastier every election. I don't think it is. It has always been nasty and sleazy going back to the time of Jefferson and Madison. Politics is a game based soundly on sliming your opponents before they slime you. A sort of fast draw competition among lying bastards.

Let me take a moment to extend a hearty congratulatory handshake (metaphorically) to Rove et al. Thank you sirs for helping to keep the noble profession of political chicanery alive and well.

Maybe Willie Horton could be trotted out, and they could claim he was an advisor to the Kerry campaign. I get a little nervous when I think about who the next three weeks are going to go. Bush’s star seems to be dropping. And we know from past experience when a Bushie is on the decline things can get really nasty really quickly.

Just re-reading Chris Matthew’s Hardball book. He has a great part on the "De-Americanization" of Michael Dukakis in the ’88 campaign. In three months he went from being perceived as a centrist pragmatic politician to being the biggest lefty in the world. Keep in mind this was prior to the days of Drudge, who brought the art of the whisper campaign into the internet age.