An interesting behind the scenes at FOX

This article was very interesting to me. A fly on the wall view behind the cameras at FOX during the second debate. An interesting read.

Oh yeah and what more can I say on the whole O'Reilly affair. I personally think he's guilty. He just seems like the sort of thing that he would say. Reading through the transcribed portions it really had an O'Reilly feel to it. Maybe it's a fake, who knows. If it is real though his career is probably waning. You cannot say things like that to a women in this day and age.

Now we launch into the discussion over whether or not this is PC gone too far. A fair question. I think that two points bare making,

1. O'reilly has always shied away from attacking politicians like Clinton on the sex scandals (google this, maybe I'm wrong).
2. He has always hinted that he was a randy youth. He's made numerous oblique references to the fact that he has sowed A LOT of oats in his day.

Consider. Let us assume that he did say this. Let us further assume that instead of being repulsed the plaintiff found it exciting. In that case the whole affair becomes acceptable. Is it the case that it only becomes harassment if you don't like it. Was he wrong to say those things? Yes because she was an employee. Who hasn't have to laugh at your boss's bad humor. Imagine if he constantly regaled you with stories of his sexual fantasies.