Let the self referential crap begin.

The following is a comment I got to the post:

Bang the drum slowly.

Jeez, what a bunch of nonsense. Lets see..."we can't win the war against the Nazis with guns. The real key is to defang the Nazi party ideology, and lift the storm Troopers out of poverty". Really, it's that silly. you would have re-make the world, then? Good luck with that. This is a WAR, not a meeting of the Goody-Goody Treehouse club. It's an old, run of the mill, nation against nation war. Get rid of the nations that support terrorism, and terrorism will mysteriously dissapear with them. They are not spirits, living in the aether, but men, and they need money for operations. After the defeat of Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, the ideology will seem rather muted. No one follows losers. Xiaoding Xiaoding | 10.05.04 - 10:37 pm | #

Totally Fucking Bullshit. This is not a conventional nation Vs. nation war. If it was we would have won it years ago. The war against communism was bigger than nation vs. nation and so is this.

The comparison to fighting Nazis just doesn’t hold in my opinion. As anyone can see the terrorists just melt away and set up in another country. First Sudan, then Afghanistan. Then Iran and now Iraq and Syria, and Lebanon and Indonesia and Great Britain... Perhaps if this is simply nation vs. nation we should go bomb the terrorist safe houses in France and Germany? We don’t know where they are, and when we do find them they just get up and move somewhere else. Comparing this to fighting Nazi’s is kind of an oversimplification. Defeat Germany and The Nazi’s are destroyed. How many countries would we have to "defeat" to get rid of the terrorists.

Side-note: Technically I think we defeated Iraq. Did that get rid of the terrorists?

Sorry for the rant. Feel free to disagree with me, and please post, it’s nice to know that I am not the only one who reads this. Just don’t be surprised if I call you on it if I disagree.