Osama endorses Bush!

Come on! I try I really do. I don’t like to buy into the conspiracy BS but really. This seems all to convenient. Americans, like people everywhere hate to be told what to do. So Osama comes on TV and says Don’ vote for evil Bush. So we all go vote for Bush. Geesh, is this Rove’s greatest October surprise ever or what? It seems crazy to attribute this sort of thing to the Rove/Bush machine. But consider…

1. Lots of links between Bush and Bin Laden family.
2. This video will undoubtedly solidify support around Bush.
3. Rove is known for trying to swing a last minute reversal.
4. The timing is TOO convenient. It comes four days before the election. It will dominate the weekend news cycle. It wipes away the other major story, the incompetence of the handling of post-war Iraq.

So maybe this is truly a message from Bin Laden, but if it is truly intended to hurt Bush it couldn’t have been more poorly planned. It is only human nature to rally around the leader win threatened.

Perhaps Bin Laden prefers Bush for purposes of recruiting terrorists. I mean nothing succeeds like ham-handed American Hegemony and "World Dominance light" for rising the ranks of the disaffected.

Four more years for Dubya, yeah…