Post debate roundup.

Some good Bloggy roundups. One word, internets. HaHaHa.




Like the warm afterglow of sex. The cigarette dangling out of Bush/Kerry's mouth(s) as they lay side by side enjoying the soft glow of the cameras clicking off one by one.

Both camps are in full spin mode this morning. We won. Did not. Did to...whatever

I heard a great piece on Air America the other day. That really roasted both sides. The debates have been turned into such carefully scripted events it is amazing when anything at all happens. Example. The whole Bush jumping up and interpreting Gibson. That was scripted. IT had to be. I'm sure that some focus group somewhere vetoed that whole thing. Bush probably practiced it over and over too. SO what? I'm not saying that Kerry was some sort of free spirit. I'm equally sure that his handlers have been pounding into him techniques designed to get under Bush's skin. One of Kerry's objectives last night was to try and shake Bush, to challenge him to the point where he would look his cool.