The republicans are lying sleazy scumbags that will stop at nothing to win (and vise versa)

A slow realization.

They are all assholes. I’m sorry, we all like to root for our guy. We like to emotionally and intellectually invest ourselves in the rhetoric of one side or the other. I find myself less able to hold my nose intellectually.

A prime example; Ralph Nader. Neither party wants him to have a voice in this. Regardless of whether or not you agree with his politics and opinions, shouldn’t he have the right to present his ideas? The republicans hate everything he stands for, but they realize that he might hurt Kerry so they support his attempts to get on the ballot, under the old adage my enemies are my friends. Conversely the democrats would probably agree with some of Nader’s stands and opinions. However, they see him as a threat so they deride him, and try and prevent him from getting on the ballot.

Neither side has any hope of holding the moral high ground in a situation like this. I cannot honestly look at either side and call it just. Both parties a culpable. Both parties are guilty of crimes against democracy. Ideologues of both sides are forced to resort to such lame excuses that they can only accuse the other side of equally abusing the system.

I guess you can call this sort of talk whining defeatism. My disgust with the system will NOT keep me from voting. It will keep me from wearing any rosy glasses with regard to the true ideals and motivations of either side.

Neither republicans nor democrats have your or my best interest in mind, only the pursuit of power, and the manipulation of various factions against each other. I am proud to be an american, but there are times when I really despair at the current state of our political machine.