The Return of the King (yeah baby!!!)

Not the movie, me. It’s good to be back after a week of forced absence. I was in Boston Mass. for some work-related training, and had no access to the internet. Crazy. Anyway I’m back to my meandering prose.

I’m really looking forward to the Bush-Kerry debate tonight. Are you following the whole Bush is wired story? WTF mate? What is that bulge. I LOVE a good conspiracy theory and this is delicious. I must say that I think that this is at least within the realm of possibility. I mean the Rovester is notorious for going the extra mile, this would seem to be straight up his ally. Strangely enough it seems all to "saved by the bell" abc afterschool special too. Any one remember those touching specials designed to convey some teen issue to the budding preteens set? I don’t know it seems just kooky enough to be real.