These debates resemble real debates in the way that porno resembles real sex.

I’m not sure what I mean, but I assure you that it is DEEP.

Watching it right now (the debates).

So they have now lobotomized the president. He has been trained via elctro-shock to show no emotion when listening to Kerry. Bush sucks. As a debater. He cannot "feel the pain".

"Oh yeah if you don’t like that then 911 is your fault." A Bush paraphrase.

He (Bush) tried diplomacy. Yeah right.

God Damn. He’s stuttering at 11 minutes in. Wow. He’s doomed.

I really can’t even listen to the gibberish from either side. I think I’ll just mute it and wait for someone to tell me who won. Am I serious? Yes, why not?

The porn and debate metaphor in the title. Porn is plastic sex. It shows a real act, but it’s abstracted. All the highs and the excitement, and none of the mess and sweat. The debates are the same thing. The formats are controlled to the point were nothing un-scripted can happen. It’s not real. To call this debate "town hall format" is insulting to anyone that ever actually participated in a real town hall. Or a real debate for that matter.