Warning: Self indulgent navel gazing ahead, proceed with caution (and an airsick bag).

A long ramble to cover a week-long absence.

I will be away for a week (the round up of political freethinkers has begun RUN! Just kidding.). I just wanted to right (Freudian slip, I may be sliding to the right politically) a little something to think about.

Blogging. I love it, I have always enjoyed writing, I’m one of those sorts with a dozen half-fleshed out novels, and ideas for a dozen more. Somehow I never quite get around to finishing them, or perhaps the idea no longer interests me, or I learn someone else has already done it. Anyway, regardless of whether or not another soul ever reads my Blog I have begun to find my voice, and for that I am grateful.

Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t want people to read my blog. I do! I do! I want everyone to read it and so say (paraphrasing somewhat) "Gosh! He sure is smart. That is just what I was thinking." So I as I start to get visitors I find myself proceeding with some trepidation. I find myself thinking about what my readers will think.

The vanity. The delusions of grandeur. At this point I’ve had roughly 100 visitors in one week. Compare that to some of the Bloggers that I respect. Andrew Sullivan has ~72,000 hits a day. Jeeze I’ve got a way to go!

This Blog didn’t start out to be a political Blog, but I suspect that is it’s destiny. I suspect that is what is meant when they say write what you know. Politics has been a warm fuzzy blanket of obsession for me since I can remember. I suspect the underlying cause is that my father was always fascinated by politics and he would talk about it, and if I wanted to have something to talk with him about I had to know about a subject that he was interested in. I soon discovered that I loved it though. Some kids obsess over sports or D&D or girls. My obsession was always be politics. I can’t help but find it interesting. It’s a soap opera. A cheap seat at a political cat fight.

So, to sum up, thanks for stopping by. I will be back next week. And the week after that…and after that…