Ahh shit! I just agreed with Ann Coulter…Someone shoot me!

I just read Ann Coulter’s Nov. 3 column. I am normally unable to stomach reading through a whole column. Usually I click away about a third of the way through, disgusted at the Nazi bitch (was that too harsh?), Who would have thought that not only could I finish a Coulter column but actually call it well reasoned? In some strange alternate universe I think I just went on a date with her younger sister.

Her topic was the loss of Kerry. There was a little gloating, I don’t hold this against her, were the positions reversed I suspect that the Dems would be dropping trousers in front of the White House, and sending Bush bus tickets to Texas. What I found myself agreeing with her was the fact that republicans have finally tapped into the heart of America. And what did they find?

That Americans are rabidly xenophobic nutfuckers that are as crazy as the rest of the world, with less access to C4, thank god for small miracles. The moral issues are what made Bush’s victory. The ability to appeal to the fears of the heartland that some gay guy was gonna walk into their home and fuck them up the ass sans lube if they voted for Kerry.

Yeah that’s reasonable. Come on Ann! Oh yeah and since when did gay rights and abortion walk hand and hand down the beach like star crossed lovers. The Republicans great victory was in the ability to scare the bejebeeze out of overworked and confused middle America. They the gays want to get married and that is what is wrong with the country. Seems similar to the whole the Jews are the problem argument. Not to compare the Republicans to the Nazi’s The Nazi’s at least had some good ideas…like interstate highways. When was the last time the republicans cam up with an idea that good?