Angels Vs. Devils…

So the WSJ is reporting that Bestbuy is trying to separate the good customers from the bad. The GOOD customers spend lots of money on overpriced electronics and don’t know how to shop for a bargain. The BAD customers only buy the shit that is a good deal. Yeah, I’d want to get rid of them too.

We are at war again in Iraq. An so far it seems like it’s gonna be messy. I am bothered by the fact that evidently one of our primary strategic goals was to take the Hospitals so that they can control the casualty counts. So evidently what is most important is that we manage the media cycles and fuck all about how many we kill. Perhaps we could make the injured sign non disclosure agreements prior to treatment. Andrew Sullivan is calling this the third Iraq war, I think that may be delineating it a little much, but for sure tensions are on the rise. My prediction, lots of smoke little fire. Some of the insurgents will stand in and fight. The majority will probably try and fade away. I think in the end this will weaken the insurgency but not break the back. There is also a slim chance that this could spark a wider uprising throughout Iraq.

Hardball FLASH: Tucker Eskew can suck my nuts!

Micro celebrity moment HOC on the rise with a mention on Wonkette.

Today on the YAHOO! Index….(wait before I loook let me guess hmmm Anne Heche and Starcraft cheats, oh yeah and Yasser Arafat too)…drumroll Oh yeah and Fatboy Slim I forgot Fatboy Slim. So I’m beginning to think that the YAHOO! Index is ASS!

I’m kinda enjoying not talking about politics in every post. This is nice, wonder how long this will last?

So Angels Vs. Devils, who wins? The war goes on, and the corporations continue to find new and innovative ways to separate us from our money. Everybody is a Big winner!