Epistemology -

The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity.

Philosophy of reality. Meaningless drivel. A critique of strange reality that permeates the universe.

To start understand that reality, life the universe everything that we perceive just is. There is no more. There is no hidden reality, no greater purpose, no higher cause. Stop dreaming, stop looking for something more. You are there, the apex, the pinnacle, the end of it all.

Now accept that reality. Accept that you are who you are. The world is as it is. The essential realities of you and the world will not change, this is not to say that they immutable, just stuck hopelessly in the muck of reality. Inertia is a harsh mistress.

Without senses reality is inconsequential. If you cannot feel, cannot smell cannot see… you might as well be dead. Thought without input of an external reality is pointless. Accept your senses, do not question the reality of your senses. Whatever they tell you is ‘the truth’ arguing that our senses are not accurate is irrelevant they are all that you have with which to examine your reality. If they are flawed then your reality is equally flawed and thus your senses are consistent (although flawed) with your reality.