I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore...

What movie is that from? Network? I can’t remember it and don’t care to google it. (an aside I will google even the most trivial factoid in an attempt to clarify something in my mind. Invariably it seems that my googling leads to random surfing and I wake up a day later in an alley with a heart tattoo on my arm). Now that the presidential elections are finally through let us make some predictions, resolutions and some questions.

1. The bloggers that are famous now, wonkette, Kos, Andrew Sullivan… Will they still be relevant in the next election? Will they have crossed fully over into the realm of the ‘mainstream’ media?
2. Can we please stop using the word ‘blogosphere’. It sounds terrible, it’s like when the atheists decided to start calling themselves the ‘Brights’(jeeze for such smartypants that was sure stupid!).
3. Will Arlen Spector (how old is that picture anyway?)and Bush "Just get along" a la Rodney King?
4. Will Giuliani be running in 2008?
5. Who the Hell are the Concerned Women for America? How many are there and why do they have a website. Answers: Conservative front group, 2.5 members, because they couldn’t figure out how to write a newsletter.
6. Will Rush Limbaugh become the new minister of propaganda? What do you mean we don’t have one? What a horrible oversight.
7. The departures of Colin powell, Condi Rice, D. Rummy, John (I lost a senatorial race to a dead man…and now I run a police state apparatus) Ashcroft, and assorted other politicos will mean fresh blood in the White House. I wonder who? Perhaps Bill O’Reilly as the minister of Falafel?
8. Will all the Leftwing blogs go into hibernation for a year or two?
9. Will Ann Coulter finally ease up? Maybe she just needs to get laid? (sexist remarks?)
10. What about Michelle Malkin? What will she do for the next Three years?
11. Will all they gay people move to Mass.? Canada?
12. Will I still be blogging in four years?
13. Will they have finally perfected vegetarian SPAM?