Iran apologizes to Zionist overlords...

Halflife 2 is a lifeless hunk of code until externally activated on Tuesday, so SUCK it.

Iran says its sorry for trying to blow up the Zionist overlords and politely requests we don’t invade them and blow up there mosques.

Still playing Halo 2 fun although not riveting. I’m actually enjoying Metal Arms as much as Halo 2. The bonus DVD that I got SUCKS ASS. About as fun as a stick in the eye. Possibly more fun than an STD although maybe not.

Wondering what video game to buy next. My PC would laugh at me if I tried to play HL2. My Xbox is my only hope Obi Wan…

A new deal site…GottaDeal (slickdeals is my current favorite)

I have seen / followed very little in the way of political developments in the past two weeks, funny for months I followed nothing else. It isn’t apathy on my part (okay it is apathy). I would probably feel the same way had Kerry won. I’ve absorbed so much political crap for the last six months that at this point I am quite happy to almost completely ignore it for the time being. Occupying my feel time with my new bogger collection.

I seem to have lost the ability to form coherent thoughts.