The King is dead, Long live the king…

So most of the liberal bloggers are just beginning to come out of the "I can’t believe it!" state and accept the loss of Kerry. I admit it, I was very hopeful there at the end that he MIGHT pull it off. But if you look back across the last three months you will see my general prognostication was a win for Bush. I don’t claim to be psychic just a realist.

I think that in times of trouble people want a strong leader, a leader that will make the difficult decisions. It’s kind of like we are all on a lifeboat. Someone has to be thrown overboard, everyone knows this is the reality. We want a leader that is going to take action and throw someone overboard. Kerry was perceived as waffler that would never make a hard call. Bush is perceived as willing to take action.

I think that is probably BS. Kerry was painted weak by the Bushies and he was never able to prove it false. Kerry people also never successfully painted Bush as the ineffective leader that he is. The myth of the resolute warrior that has been constructed around this stubborn dimwit is amazingly effective.

Anyway four more years of Bush and this country might be willing to shake off the republican for good. A Kerry president might have been fun. A Democratic congress and senate and a Hillary/Edwards presidency WOW! I can hear the lamentations of the righwing from here!

Cheers and keep hope alive…