A long quiet weekend…

I still haven’t completely pulled out of a food coma, perhaps we are all still suffering from the excess of delicious delectables?

A few things of note:

-Pepsi spice guy has gone insane and is in the middle of a deep funk over loosing his girlfriend and being ruled by an evil robot overlord (I really enjoy this site because I’m not sure what is real and what is made up anymore).

-I went out shopping on black Friday but saw very little worth buying. I’m just as much of a consumer whore my life is incomplete without gadget X as the next guy, but I just didn’t see anything that particularly appealed to me.

-Evidently some theaters are showing Oliver Stone’s Epic Alexander as a double feature with Cleopatra, Ishtar, or perhaps Heaven’s Gate.

-Iraq, boy things just keep getting better over there (we sure showed them rebels). Death and destruction continues at a breakneck pace. A new survey of Iraqi public opinion yields the following nuggets;

(from Informed comment)
Iraqi Public Opinion
** Only 33 percent of Iraqis think they're better off now than before the war, as a Gallup poll discovered.
** Just 36 percent believe the interim government shares their values.
** 94 percent say Baghdad is more dangerous than it was before the war.
** 66.6 believe the US occupation could start a civil war.
** 80 percent want the US to leave directly after the January elections.