Make believe violence is more fun than real violence….

I’m too busy killing aliens in Halo 2 to pay attention to the mess that is Iraq. Halo 2 is more fun! I like video games. What do you mean there is a world outside of my den? (wipes drool and crusties from mouth and yawns).

A little escapism is okay once in a while. We all need to get away from the depressing reality of…well reality sometimes. I can’t do anything about Iraq. I can’t do anything about the election. I can’t do anything about the pendulum swing of morality here in the U.S. back towards some sort of pseudo Victorian prudery. I’m helpless to do anyything but kill aliens. And so kill aliens I will. They deserve to die anyway, the little green terrorists!!!

Note: I have not been lobotomized nor have I lost my senses. Just making a point. Of course I COULD do something about all of the above, but why bother?