The myth of American infallibility…

I’ve been thinking for awhile about this. This sense, which is crazy in my opinion, that Americans can do no wrong. That we are somehow blameless victims of fate. That our fate has no causal relationship with our past. Excuse me but that is bullshit! No, this is not the start of a piece were I say we deserved to be bombed on 9/11. We didn’t, no one deserves to be murdered. But to pretend that that event happened external to the flow of human history is erroneously reasoned.

The right would now characterize me as an America hater. Someone that doesn’t love his country. Someone that wants America to be defeated by some nebulous and shadowy enemy, (the fact that their definition of this enemy is so loose worries me greatly) that they can’t define, but I must be in favor of them. Simply for requesting that we consider history in context.

What an Ass am I.

The more I think about this asymmetrical war on terror that the west is engaged in, the more convinced I am that we are in the right to be fighting it. We MUST win, but how do we win? This is like the tar baby part in the briar rabbit, briar fox stories. The more of them that we kill the more that they hate us. Killing them just seems to add fuel to the fire. We say we just need to get this one and that will solve the problem, and then inevitably we get rid of the current bad guy and a new one appears. All that it seems to be doing is insuring that there are more generations of them that will grow up hating us ad infinitum.

(And yes I do mean the west, not just America. Some in the west may not realize it yet be we are all of us in this fight. All the secular, nominally Christian countries of Europe and America. This is truly a clash of civilizations. The struggle between Christian and Muslim faiths is 1000 years old. This is the continuation of the crusades, but I don’t necessarily mean that with any implied negative connotations.)

Killing the BAD GUYS is NOT working. Ask Israel they have been successfully killing the bad guys for fifty years and they have as many enemies today as they did back in the fifties. This just seems to be a flawed strategy. It’s not that I don’t love my country, it’s not that that I am a defeatist. I HATE theocratic rule with every bone in my secular western democratic body. I’m not soft on crime or terror. Punishment where punishment is due. But Punishment isn’t working. At what logical point, barring genocide do they say "gosh sorry, we’re going home now, no more jihad."

They aren’t as long as we are killing them they will continue to make war on us. As long as we are who we are they will hate us and try and kill us. Killing us doesn’t defeat us, it makes us more resolute, and we are justifiably proud of this. 9/11 didn’t make America hide it’s collective heads in the sand and pray that this would all blow over. It made us mad. It made us want action. We took action. The Tailban were Shit-eating dung-headed theocratic thugs. I despised them from the word go. They were evil and we (the collective we of the world) are better off with out them. We are also a much improved planet minus one Saddam Hussain.

The problem is then though has destroying the Tailban and Saddam’s evil regime made them give up? The answer is a resounding no. They are as resolute as ever to fight us. We must recognize that they are as equally convinced of the righteousness of their cause as we are of ours. Killing Americans won’t stop us and short of killing all of them you can stop them with casualties either.

The solution in my opinion lies in a radical paradigm shift. We must stop trying to find a military solution to a problem that is essentially cultural. You cannot conclusively solve this clash with guns. God knows that we’ve been trying. Since the time of Mohammed himself the Muslim world has been in conflict with the Christian. They can’t both be right about GOD.

We need to defuse the Islamic faith to neutralize its vehement anti-secular anti western attitudes. Violence just seems to marginalize a larger segment of the more moderate Muslim world.
I don’t have the answer, jeesh would I waste my time Blogging if I did (note: No, blogging isn’t a waste of time)?