Obligatory link to the Target Anal Massage product

Why does everyone find this shit so funny?

Some of what I'm talking about:

Boing boing

How about this if you are really interested. Yeah that's not funny right? So why is the fact that target sells a video funny? It's because we all shop there and we think that nothing like that could be on the shelf next to the Barney tapes.

It's a video about massaging butts. Are we all 12??? I guess so...

I saw a recipe today in the real world for mock Conish game hens. I was fucking drooling. If it is mock I am so there. I mean If you gave me a choice between eating a real apple pie and a mock apple pie I would choose the mock version. I love novelty, I love turning a pigs ear into a silk purse.

Anyway I'm wiggin to try some mock game hens soon, perhaps after turkey day. Which stragenly enough we aren't having a tofurky and I'm cool with that. Been there, done that. Oh yeah I a vegetarian if you didn't know. googling mock recipes gave me some links to mock chicken legs that were made with pork.


I mean it is the other white meat but...