A quick shout Out to Amy Jo Johnson...

Whoever the fuck she may be. Sorry I've been reading the buzz index again. That thing has GOT to be broken. Or possibly just BD. So Amy Jo is the hottest actress in the history of history evidently. Where have I been! I haven't actually followed a link yet to see who she might be. Perhaps I will go "Oh, her!" We'll see, hold on and I'll be right back...(Annoying elevator music)

...Okay I'm back. She hasn't been in anything remotely good (although she was born in October so I will giver props for that). So this begs the question WTF is up with her being the most popular actor search. Linda Ronstadt, now at least I've heard of her, but why? Why is she the most popular music search?

I secretly suspect that the Buzz Index was created solely to annoy and confuse me. To keep me from figuring out what is really going on. Not that I believe in conspiracies or anything.