Random Crap Roundup…

So there is a "scientific" study about how Bush got lots of extra votes in Florida (in excess of 100,000). For what it is worth.

The Pepsi spice project. Note: I would love to be famous and well known, but I would not attempt a stunt like this guy. I would say he’s got some serious balls, but perhaps he just an idiot with a blog (hey we have something in common after all!). I did watch the "Super Size Me" movie. I really enjoyed it and I thought it did a good job of focusing on the dangers of our fast food culture. We do live in an environment of toxic food. The Pepsi spice guy seems like the guy who says "Hey he did something and got famous, maybe I can do the same thing and be famous." Sorry it only works once, okay twice at most but then we will definitely be done. What’s next they guy that only eats twinkies for a year. None of these people seem to get the essential truism that too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Iraq seems like it is devolving into total anarchy, but then again that is what they said in April, and things seem to be getting better every day (NOT!).

Survey seems to indicate ~100K dead Iraqis since we invade, don’t tell me, they were all insurgents. Seriously though war is hell and we had to destroy Fallujah to save it. No really I’m serious. Kinda. You see as bad as the terrorists were they hadn’t completely destroyed the town.

To play devils advocate for a second. I certainly wouldn’t want to be ruled by a bunch of terrorist thugs who think that GOD is on their side, and has given them the right to do horrible things in his name. So Lets not get confused, terrorists suck. Theocracies are evil and boring and you can’t even dance with a girl (or maybe I’m thinking of Footloose).

Still playing Halo 2 and wishing I had a computer cool enough to play HL2. It looks great and the review so far have been very positive.

Otherwise life goes on. I’m actually looking forward to Black Friday, I plan on attempting to do some serious shopping in the madness of it all.

Hmm, perhaps I need to go here to get my next PC…